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Update - April 2013

Owing to the current operating environment, the Board of Directors consider that opportunities for Converge to bid for contracts are unlikely to emerge for some time yet. Whilst we fully recognise that the development of Converge has brought many benefits, maintaining it as an active company requires considerable time and resource which we think would be better deployed elsewhere for the time being. If the Greater Manchester commissioning environment improves, we can easily spring back into action.

At the Converge AGM 28th February 2013 the membership accepted the following proposal:

  •  Converge is put into temporary hibernation pending any new opportunities emerging
  •  The organisation remains and the Board will meet occasionally
  •  New second stage membership applications are temporarily suspended
  •  Any organisations wishing to join are asked to submit “first stage applications” i.e. expressions of interest (online application on the left hand side of the page)

What next?

GMCVO will continue to carry out “horizon scanning” and alert Converge / Converge members should new GM opportunities begin to emerge.  It will also maintain relationships with public sector and continue to promote the voluntary sector and try to “shape the market”. The Converge Board will bring Converge members together occasionally to address common issues and enable networking. Although we will not have the capacity to admit new organisations to full membership, we will encourage “first stage applications” i.e. expressions of interest, and will include these organisations in our future plans.